New León Accelerates Towards the Electric Revolution as Governor Courts Chinese Automotive Giant GWM

In an unprecedented move, the governor of New León, Samuel García, is steering the state toward becoming an epicenter of electric vehicles (EVs). He is actively courting Great Wall Motors (GWM), a Chinese automotive giant, to establish a manufacturing plant in the state. This initiative is part of New León's strategic shift towards electromobility and sustainable transportation solutions.

Samuel García's commitment is evident in his statements during interactions with GWM representatives. He emphasized:

"New León continues unstoppable, we cannot lose a minute, a day to stop promoting the best state in Latin America, already New León."

His efforts underline the state's readiness to embrace the future of the automotive industry.

The potential establishment of a GWM plant in New León is part of a broader trend in the Mexican automotive industry, where a significant portion of the vehicles produced are for export.

"Of the more than 3 million vehicles produced per year in the country, between 80 and 90% are exported to other countries, mainly the United States."

GWM's interest in Mexico, particularly in New León, aligns with its global expansion strategy. Parker Shi, Global Director of GWM, hinted in November that the company was considering Mexico for a new plant aimed at exporting to the United States and Canada. This move would significantly reinforce New León's position as a hub for electromobility and high-tech manufacturing.

In addition to GWM, García has also engaged in talks with other Chinese automotive firms like BYD and Changan. He hopes to attract around 50 Asian companies to New León, as part of a broader strategy to position the state as a leader in the electric vehicle industry.

This development marks a significant shift in the automotive landscape of Mexico and Latin America. New León, under García's leadership, is not only accelerating towards a greener future but also setting an example of regional development driven by innovation and sustainable practices.

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