What is a Cookie?

It is a small text file that a web server or website can send to the user's browser to store information about their browsing preferences.

Does PUENTECOLOMBIA use Cookies?

Yes, PUENTECOLOMBIA uses cookies to offer a better browsing experience to digital readers and to better understand our readers. This helps us provide content that best suits your interests. They are also used to offer you faster access and personalization of our services. If you register on PUENTECOLOMBIA or browse authenticated on our portal, you can access personalized services better oriented to your preferences.

What Types of Cookies Does PUENTECOLOMBIA Use?

The following are the types of cookies that may exist on the PUENTECOLOMBIA site and other associated portals:

Session Cookies: These cookies exist while the user is using the browser and are destroyed once the browser is closed.

Persistent Cookies: These exist until their objective has been achieved. They have a specific function to fulfill, for example, visiting certain content on the site. They can be manually destroyed.

Third-Party Cookies: These are managed by platforms external to PUENTECOLOMBIA. They are present when you access our content from social networks, newsletters, advertisements, or when you interact with any functionality within our portal that requires third-party support.

Own Cookies: These are managed by PUENTECOLOMBIA and are used to provide you with a better experience throughout our digital ecosystem.

What Happens if Cookies are Disabled?

For some functionalities of the website, the use of cookies is indispensable, so they could become inoperative. Also, cookies are used to offer you personalized services and content, which would not be possible without the use of cookies.

Does the Use of Cookies Affect My Privacy?

Mostly, cookies collect information anonymously, so it is not possible to identify your true identity. Cookies collect unique information per browser that can help us classify you as an individual, in accordance with data protection regulations and applicable laws.

The information obtained through cookies will be treated under this cookie use policy, and similarly, companies that operate with cookies will treat the information according to their respective privacy policies.