We are the only land border crossing in Mexico with ISO 28000 certification, we are committed to the safety of our users, and we have a security management system that complies with the standards of the norm.

Advantages of ISO 28000 Certification

  1. Establishes secure processes that facilitate trade and comply with the requirements of programs like C-TPAT and OEA/NEEC.
  2. Globally recognized as the best practice for supply chain security.
  3. Allows for risk management, minimizing the likelihood of occurrence and mitigating their impact if they do occur.
  4. Improves response to critical situations, allowing for business continuity.
  5. Strengthens the security of the border crossing, generating agility, trust, and transparency.
  6. Enhances interaction among supply chain actors (customs agents, carriers, importers, exporters).
  7. Optimizes processes, achieving traceability and trackability.
  8. Strengthens trust between control authorities and trade operators, facilitating international trade.


Premio Nacional de Logística 2016

National Logistics Award 2016

This award is the highest distinction in the logistics sector for commercial and service companies. It is awarded for achievements in the application, dissemination, and teaching of logistics at a national level and is supported by the Ministry of Economy and Ministry of Communications and Transport.

This is the first award of its kind to be received by a government agency in the state, such as the Puente Internacional Solidaridad Colombia, a great source of pride for Nuevo León.

Galardón al Comercio Exterior

Foreign Trade Award

In November 2017, CODEFRONT received the Foreign Trade Award 2017, granted by ANIERM and Méxicoxport. This was in recognition of the institution's contribution to foreign trade, logistics, and the transparent movement of goods in Mexico.