Nuevo León Boosts Nearshoring in Anáhuac and Puerto Colombia with Tax Incentives and Infrastructure Improvements

Economic Development Strategies Aim to Strengthen Key Sectors in Northern Mexico

Nuevo León’s Plan for Nearshoring

In an effort to boost the regional economy, the government of Nuevo León, led by Governor Samuel García Sepúlveda, has launched a set of measures aimed at stimulating nearshoring in Anáhuac and Puerto Colombia. This strategic approach seeks to leverage Nuevo León's geographical location to attract investments and improve efficiency in production and services.

Tax Incentives as Growth Drivers

Governor García Sepúlveda announced a series of tax incentives designed to encourage investment in these areas. He underscored the state's commitment to economic development, stating:

"The municipality of Anáhuac, Nuevo León, our border municipality, will have the certificate, the decree of tax incentives to continue growing from eight to 16 crossings."

These measures include the elimination of the Value Added Tax (VAT) and Income Tax (ISR), as well as discounts on other local taxes, aiming to turn Anáhuac and Puerto Colombia into key industrial hubs.

Infrastructure for the Future

Along with tax incentives, the state government is enhancing infrastructure. A highlighted project is the La Gloria-Colombia Highway, which will facilitate trade and logistics by connecting Monterrey with Laredo, Texas. On this, García Sepúlveda commented:

"We are about to inaugurate the La Gloria – Colombia Highway, direct from Monterrey to Laredo, Texas, and with this, we will cut VAT in half, ISR, rights taxes, and many other factors to continue growing this municipality and detonate 'nearshoring'."

Strategic Vision and Collaboration

Nuevo León's actions reflect a strategic vision and collaborative effort to foster economic growth. Governor García Sepúlveda acknowledged the support of the federal government and the Secretary of Economy, Raquel Buenrostro Sánchez, in these efforts.

"Thanks to the vision of the President and the support of Secretary Buenrostro, as she requested when we inaugurated El Cuchillo II, we will detonate the north of Nuevo León and generate industrial parks. Let's continue to grow and keep bringing in 'nearshoring'!", said the governor, underscoring the commitment to work together for the industrial and economic development of northern Mexico.

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